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How to turn adderall into freebase

How to make an oxycontin op sniffable
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Starting july 1rst all brand name oxycontin will be un-sniffable and un-shootable. Purdue has finally found a way to stop abuse of the pill. If you sniff oxys please .

How to make an oxycontin op sniffable

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How to sniff the new oxycontin. Yea thats due to How to make an oxycontin op sniffable tollerance variations but the is defently a way to get the oxy out a. I don't know if this is 100 percent true or not .

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god damn it, just paid 80 a piece for 2 OP 80s. god damn it wtf am i supposed to do . I know that you are new, but, have you read the thread just below this one? it .

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the new OP oxycontins suck

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